Automotive Dealer Solution

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Low volume vehicle imaging and video product including in-built best practice guides and automatic upload to your websites and digital marketplaces.

  • video solutions for dealers Enhances customer experience with unique high quality video and imagery
  • car videos Background replacement service
  • imagery for cars Full training mode available in built as standard
  • Personalised video system to drive customer relationship
  •  available on your website within seconds All assets are available on your website within seconds
  • Number plate recognition Number plate recognition
  • review all content via online management system Quickly and easily review all content via online management system
  • Increases ease of distance sales Increases ease of distance sales

Our automotive dealer solution allows users to photograph and video vehicles, build relationships and gain trust with their customers all on a single enterprise platform.

Benefits & Features

High quality video and images


Our unique dealer app is simple and intuitive to use, and has no training requirements. The purpose of the app is to enhance the customer experience, making the journey of buying a car as easy and enjoyable as possible.

High quality video and images can be guaranteed through our ghost images and built-in pause functionality.

You also have access to an online dashboard which centrally manages your video and imagery assets. This helps to monitor consistency and quality by editing the image sequences and removing unusable assets.

Speeds up the process

Vehicle Guided Imagery

Want to get the best possible images of your vehicles? we have built software to simplify this process and reduce the time it takes to photograph a vehicle. This helps with efficiency at your dealership as with the use of our application, you get consistency and it speeds up the process of photographing vehicles resulting in a decrease of workload.

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Increase your sales dramatically

Vehicle Video Walk Around

We provide innovative solutions to ensure that you have outstanding video for your dealership website. Video is a leading form of marketing and will increase your sales dramatically with the use of our solution.

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Picture tagging system

Interactive Vehicle Tagging

The latest addition to our solution engages customers and dealers to be interactive and help to focus in on unique elements of a vehicle.

With this feature, you keep your current image sequence guaranteeing consistency but you will also have the ability to enhance the images using the picture in picture tagging system.

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Automated Image Video Consistency


Our revolutionary in app guides make high quality video and imagery capture easy to achieve. All training is inbuilt into the application, and we assist you when videoing and imaging by displaying on screen video guides, and ghost images.

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Automated Background Replacement

Background Replacement

Automated Background Replacement for your images. Your online visitors can enjoy beautiful looking scenery that really shows off your vehicles in the best possible way. All of this is initiated directly from our ghosted images as soon as the vehicle assets have left the device - no manual intervention is required.

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Engage your customers

Personalised Video

The app also incorporates the ability for dealers to create personal one to one videos, allowing you to engage your customers regardless of the time or location, helping with distance sales and building customer relationships.

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Centrally managed marketing and communications platform


A centrally managed marketing and communications platform developed for OEMs and vehicle retailers. That will allow you to create time sensitive interactive video and image content that informs and engages car buyers researching online.

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Other Solutions

Car Turntable Imagery Video


High volume vehicle imaging and video product including turntable and auto upload to UVL�s, websites and digital marketplace.

eVHC Vehicle Health Checks


Dealer workshop video and imaging product linked to EVHC and includes customer authorisation.

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