Interactive Vehicle Tagging

Bringing a new dimension to delivering HD Digital Imagery.


Add close up photography

This feature allows you to add close up photography with optional text labels to enhance your standard imagery, all taken as part of your standard image capture process. Reasons for using this solution would be to point out features, such as; satnav, parking sensors, modifications or unique elements of the vehicle that a standard car may not have.

Assistance with sales

This gives you the ability to sell the car with a unique touch as the customer will be able to see these elements online. This will help you sell a car with a more dynamic approach.


The symbols used in the video are examples of what you could use, they can also be tailored to your requirements. You can also put a title and descriptions to support the images.


For complete transparency, it is suggested that you focus on the negative tags along with the positive tags.

Your customers will appreciate the honesty.

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