Leap in consumers use of video

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How people shop for a new or used car continues to evolve quickly and it is essential for dealers to ensure their marketing strategies are aligned with the customer purchase journey if sales are to be maximised.

Understanding the customer journey will also help to get the most from marketing budgets and support the brand values of the dealer and relevant manufacturer.

The latest information from Google shows that people are making decisions more quickly, with a third of consumers gathering all the information they need and making a purchase within two weeks. In this small window, it’s important that dealers have the appropriate content available to influence buyers. Google data shows that one third of users search on YouTube for information on vehicles. More than 60% of all automotive searches come from a mobile device  and some of the top mobile searches are related  to dealerships.

AutosOnShow data shows that nearly one in five people view a video of a vehicle five or more times. The average car is viewed eight times, and zoom gallery views are becoming increasingly popular. The trend points to buyers becoming increasingly comfortable doing their research online before walking onto a forecourt to do a deal.

AutosOnShow is continuing to invest in innovations to make it easier for dealers to integrate video into their sales and marketing platforms. Experience shows that the easier a technology platform is to use, the more impact it will have on a business.

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