How to capture eyeballs in a busy market

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In a time poor and media-rich world it has never been harder to capture a consumer’s attention. People have more choice than ever before when it comes to what, how and when they access information about a vehicle.

Motorists in the market will hop between a range of devices, digital platforms and content providers as they inform their next purchase.  For dealers looking to optimise the number of views of their stock, there are some simple guidelines informed by years of experience and millions of pieces of data at AutosOnShow. It is essential to make sure fresh images of stock are uploaded regularly to keep the website and other platforms updated. The data shows that multiple high-quality images will attract more views and drive a better response.

As broadband and mobile speeds have improved, so has the desire for high-definition images. Ensure the production quality is high using guides and standards. The average car is viewed eight times, and zoom gallery views are becoming increasingly popular. When a customer enquires, a tailored video and images can be used to enhance the customer journey and address particular concerns.

AutosOnShow data shows 20% of buyers view a video of a vehicle more than five times. It’s clear that buyers are making their minds up online before they walk onto  a forecourt. The pace of change is relentless, and AutosOnShow continues to invest and innovate to provide a service that is fit for the future.

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