AutoCOMMS is a multi-tier enterprise marketing communications tool, suitable for centralised creation of advertising campaigns by either OEM, dealer groups and/or dealerships.

What does this mean? 

This means that an OEM can create centralised marketing campaigns that can be set to run at a date and time of your choosing in a region and selected vehicles of your choosing, which will then automatically be displayed throughout all franchise dealerships within the chosen territory.

You can centrally plan your advertising campaigns for the entire year.

No need for constant communication between franchise dealerships and the OEM to make sure that brand standards and offers are correct as the platform ensures that this will be correct. 

This service is for OEM, Dealer groups and Dealerships.


You can plan you advertising campaigns for the entire year, ensuring that their is a constant use of advertising through various franchise dealerships.

Deal groups

They can control their advertising campaigns across their dealerships.


They will be able to plan ahead for the year and manage the advertising in house.

How it works?

Our synchronised marketing platform allows you to add dynamic top and tail videos plus image and video overlays. This can be added to your Service(eVHC) videos, Stock Vehicle Videos and images, Personal Videos and images and turntable video and images.

The live interactive adverts can be placed over the video and images allowing you the ability to highlight your latest products and promotions on a per vehicle and regional basis.The top and tail videos can be tailored to the vehicle or specific advertising campaigns in a particular region allowing for A B testing. You can have multiple campaigns running at the same time. Also each advert can be clickable and can redirect visitors to a separate landing page of your choice.

Key Feature highlights:
  • Coordinated lead generation across all channels
  • The ability to synchronise and prioritise marketing messages between OEM and retailer advert
  • Centrally control your content, communicate corporate messages and special offers as car buyers search for their next vehicle
  • Synchronise up to the minute offers on vehicle videos and deliver targeted call to action information
  • Schedule marketing campaigns at any time of the day/week/month/year
  • user-friendly management suite means control is with the marketing department, not the IT department
  • As AutoCOMMS works using our API, content will be updated instantly wherever the videos are seen including advertising portals (subject to portal acceptance)
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