Full Integration with AutoTrader

AutosOnShow & AutoTrader have partnered together to make adding video to your full page adverts really easy!

Your AutosOnShow vehicle videos are now available on AutoTrader.

Why use Video?

Video is becoming increasingly more important online, with consumers looking for transparency when purchasing their next vehicle. 73 of the top 100 online retailers use video to promote their products, and 90% of online shoppers found video useful in making purchase decisions. The automotive industry is no different. The future belongs to dealers that keep consumers active on pages and motivated to purchase. 

AutoTrader has undertaken research around video and has found that:


Source: AutoTrader, 2016.

How to get Video?

Once youve signed up to our Video product there are two simple ways that you can get video on your full-page ads.

1. You can specify a YouTube video for each of your vehicles in your AutoTrader Portal. Simply input the URL in the Stock and Adverts page.

2. We are partnered with AutoTrader, making adding video to your AutoTrader full-page adverts extremely simple. If you let AutoTrader know that you are one of our customers, then they can automatically fetch your videos directly from us via our APIs.

Here is an example of what your vehicle would look like on an AutoTrader Advert with the use of our solutions:

Land Rover

There are three ways in which you can video a vehicle:

Video Best Practice 1 Figure 8 Walk Around

If your building has a reasonable amount of space to walk around a vehicle, then this may be the practice for you.

Find out more regarding our figure 8 walk around solution

Video Best Practice 2 - Guided Pause Walk Around

If you are limited to space to video vehicles and/or you would like to create a more professional post processed video, then this is the recommended practice for your business.

Find out more regarding our guided pause walk around solution

Video Best Practice 3 Turntable 

If you have a large space and wish to use a turntable, then this is the best practice for you.

Find out more regarding our turntable solution

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